Saturday, March 03, 2007

Let's Face It - Lucky Charms

What a timely Studio Friday topic! Here is one of the many things I've been procrastinating about and the story behind it!

Kerri invited me to participate in a fun swap. It was to make 15 charms to trade with 15 other artists. Very sweet. It also had a due date of the end of March - especially sweet. I contacted Laura, the swap coordinator, to ask if I could join in and she said yes! I asked her if each charm wasn't exactly the same because I can't make two of anything exactly alike was that Ok - yes, no problem.

This is part of my "artistic growth through assignments" as I discussed in a previous post. This "assignment" forced me to do something I've wanted to do for almost 2 years now: produce some jewelry out of my glyps. I just felt I don't have the best skills/technique to properly execute my vision. I also had planned to do a necklace, so this challenged me even further to make something so small!

Here are the "prototypes". I fashioned this little guy out of my glyp eye-con...sorry...icon. I made a set of 14 more in addition to these because I realized that I there was a gap in that top pin. When I attach a jump ring to it, the jump ring could slip out. The next set I made I pushed the ring further in and made certain that it stayed there. I will pick the best 15 out of the 29 and send them off to the swap! Can you guess which one of these guys was the first one I made? The real prototype?

This was a fun project and it confirms something I already knew. I need to build better skills with polymer clay. The charms have some "rough edges" that need to be addressed if I am going to sell these little suckers. I also need to complete another "to-do" on my educational list: learn to make molds. These guys are very time consuming to make and difficult because they are so tiny (compared to the pieces I normally make) I don't want to make these little guys into production pieces, but I'd like to be able to make similar sizes to craft for a more uniform product to make earring sets. I really need to find a great polymer clay course: another item on that to-do list.

So you believe you have spotted the prototype of my prototype set? If you selected the one in the upper right-hand corner you are correct!

Update - Here is the second "improved" set. See how I have no gap in the top pin. I'm learning.


kerrip said...

I love these (and I love your photoshop border technique too!!) I am going to guess that the original is the second one from the right in the second row. My guess is based on the fact that you told me they got bigger as you went along, and this one looks really small. My second guess would be the first charm in the last row. I can't believe you made 29 charms, though I can see why you had to!!!!! I am always in awe of your perseverence. Wonderful and fun. I can't wait to get one!!

Going For Greatness said...

Ok Debbie these are SO CUTE! Can I buy one??? I WANT TO BUY ONE!! How much? Email me - and lemme know!!
Kerri had fun guessing which was your 1st one so I'll jump in too. I'm guessing the 1st one is the 4th one in the 2nd row.

Samhains said...


Lucky charms they are love!

(runs away doing an Irish jig)