Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Debraeo Wacheliani Heads

As you already know, I have a complete obsession with the Amadeo Modigliani heads that Kerri had given me last year. They have appeared and reappeared over and over in my art since that time. I don’t know why but I just love using them.

One of my artist goals has been to move away from using other artist’s elements in my collage and to start creating the collage elements myself. A tough prospect seeing that my inner critic is very, well, critical about my work. I am much kinder to other artist’s work than my own finding it lacking and seeing every little flaw. At the moment I have my inner critic gagged and tied up in the corner for a very long “time out” so I can post these “beauties”.

These ladies are all done in watercolor pencils and permanent marker. Yes, I cheated and brought them into Photoshop to touch up and resize. They came from all different sources – magazine ads, some fashion books, a book on Japan, my brain. I’m going to continue adding to their group, increasing their numbers. I crafted the Japanese ladies for a ATC swap which I was rather pleased that I carried out my plan. I am currently in the process of drawing up some new ladies for a “out of this world” ATC swap theme. They will be fun, I’m certain.

I am hoping that once Kerri and I get our website up, that these girls will be one of our “shared” images for people to download and use in their art. At least that is one of my day dreams! I just don't know if my ladies are a bit to "odd" for most. Stay tuned for more ladies. Oh – I better go, my inner critic has worked one of her hands loose and I need to post this before she gets her gag off :).


kerrip said...

Dear Debraeo,
I love your "heads." Of this group, the last two are my favorites. I like the sharper lines on them. But they're all great, and very different in expression, etc. And using photoshop is not cheating. It's digital illustration. And it just refines an already wonderful original, Ms. Wacheliani.

Anonymous said...

I particularly love the last two faces, with the one on the right (long hair) edging out just slightly the one on the left as my favorite. I think the proportions and shading on this lady make her stand out, but the “Heaven help us” expression of the lady with the short hair is priceless! -QK

Ouissi Gresty said...

I love the heads...photoshop is wonderful. I couldn't work without it!!

I have been sadly lacking in the communication stakes of late for which I'm sorry ;) I really have to start doing Studio Friday again from next week. I have been working om a big freelance job and have set up a design business *whew*

Ouissi x