Sunday, March 18, 2007

ATC Swap: Out of this world

Martian Red Hat Society Girls

This month's theme was "Out of this World". I opted to do something silly. I wanted to make some Martian "Debraeo Wacheliani" heads to add to my collection. I sketched and started several, but ran out of time so I just grabbed my favorite and ran with some variations.

Here they are. Not my favorites, but I like the backgrounds and color combo. I tried making the teacups myself and they just weren't working. They were a little too abstract and I was worried that people wouldn't "get it." I had these stickers kicking about and used them instead. They still may not "get it." I'm a bit in left field.

So off these go into the mail tomorrow!

1 comment:

kerrip said...

Hilarious. I actually LOVE the stickers. A realistic contrast to the otherworldly nature of the subject. THIS is the red hat society to which I hope to belong someday!!!