Tuesday, February 06, 2007

X Marks the Spot

Today we put Oki on the trailer the first time since his surgery to go have his shoulder X-rayed. For those of you not following this "develop-
" Oki had surgery at the end of May - one that if unsuccess-
ful could be a career ender. He was placed in stall rest for 6 months with only a bit of walking and other therapy. In November he went back to work - gently AND slowly. He had lost all his muscle tone for high level dressage. No longer a FEI dressage horse in body (although in spirit) - not even a training level dressage horse! Leanne's patience and hard work is slowly building him up and so far he is doing wonderfully! He is SO happy to be back in work. Oki LOVES his job!

Luckily our vet just bought a very expensive digital X-ray machine, which means we didn't have to haul him over 6 hours to Cornel University. Hopefully these X-rays will be good enough for the surgeon to look at Oki's mended shoulder. We hope all will be okidokie for Okidokie!! Keep your fingers crossed!!


Anonymous said...

I'm anxiously awaiting word from the xrays!!! Fingers crossed for a thumbs up!!
love d

Samhains said...

thats sad, I hope his shoulder gets better soon, I'll add him into my thoughts and meditation.

I love everything that a horse is, but am deadly afraid of them, I do not want to be kicked, puched or trod all over..I like my bones, how do we say it....not broken :)

kerrip said...

Life is a complicated business - even for horses. Good luck with Okie. I hope the news is all good. What a long time for him to wait to do what he loves.