Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Illustration Friday - Sprout!

Well, it's GREAT to be home - even though its as freezing cold here as it was in Chicago! I'm desperately trying to catch up at home, farm, work and blog. I sketched this take on "sprout" Monday night while the cheerful Southwest Airlines flight attendents were passing out the "plane" crackers. Gotta love SWA!

This quick sketch is watercolor pencil and a little ink on real cheap sketch pad paper. Don't know where it came from - these little green hands sprouting up to the sky. Then, all of a sudden the little bikini top just "happened". Don't ask why - I don't know. Perhaps I was afraid it was a bit too creepy with the hands. I'm the type of person that won't blink an eye at blood and guts and horror in Sci-fi movies, but any of those horror flicks involving a house, or a backyard, or a swimming pool etc. scares the snot out of me. Yes, silly is my middle name!


Samhains said...

it was -35c here to day..
BTY: wheres the bottoms to that top :)

DEW said...

Ha! Good point... since I don't know where that top came from your guess is as good as mine on where the bottoms are!