Thursday, February 15, 2007

How We Spent OUR Valentine's Day

Sometimes things work out. We went out for Valentine Day's dinner on Tuesday. When I got home I shifted my emergency winter kit, snow shovel and big sweep broom to my husband's car for my trek to work on Wednesday morning. His car is older than mine and we rather smash that one - especially since the transmission that was just replaced is still screwed up. I packed a bag to stay with my friend Kerri in case I couldn't get home Wednesday night. They were predicting 24" of snow, and more importantly, high winds. High winds cause drifting that make it impossible for me to make my normally 1 hour drive home. All gas tanks were full, snowblower was all set on the tractor, farm buildings all battened down, fire wood...oops, we never got our delivery - can't have everything! 5am rolls around and the heavy snow warning was upgraded to a blizzard warning. Not good. I called work to find out that - OMG - they CLOSED. The first time ever! Good call, I stayed home! To face the storm with our farm family.

As you can see, we got a bit of snow, we've had worse but the wind made things quite difficult to deal with. We are still shoveling out. The pastures are waist deep and this morning when Mac tried to roll he didn't go "down". He sort of just rolled sideways. Goof ball. The snow is up to the pony's bellys. Very funny! And you can see, we had a poodle "helper". Complete with her fake rhinestone Valentine Day's necklace (shssss - I didn't tell her they weren't real diamonds, so don't spill the beans). How do you like our lumberjacks?


Samhains said...

Very cute :)
BTY I love the collection of books in the background...that makes me smile :)

Anonymous said...

I know you already shared these with me, but they're just so funny. I love how Penny strikes a pose!! She's sooo poodle!!