Tuesday, February 20, 2007

February ATC Set: Madame Butterfly

Here's my set of Artist Trading Cards that will go in the mail today. I drew the faces in watercolor pencil and ink. I then scanned the faces into my computer and used Photoshop Elements to touch-up & resize them. I printed the faces off on my laser color printer - it is a very cheap one so it is not as sharp as I'd print out at Kinkos. The kimonos are made from Japanese Yuzen paper. I tried to design them after the real thing as much as I could, hopefully getting the overlaps correct in my simplified version. I was going to make the wig as a separate piece, but the kimonos were so time consuming I didn't do it. I was also going to give her wings of lace or vellum but was afraid to make the card too "busy". The backgrounds were left simple to not detract from the kimonos. I tried to put a string of beads dropping from the end of each hair decoration but it was very tedious to do and make it work correctly. I decided to stop before I ruined them!

Kerri - notice that I did silence that noisey inner critic for this blog posting :)


kerrip said...

For anyone else looking at these, the photo doesn't do them justice. I LOVE mine. The clean lines, simplicity of subject and yet details of the kimonos & hair sticks are just perfect. And the original art for the faces makes them absolutely unique, which I love, love, love!!

Anonymous said...

I love the whole concept! You really did a great job; they are beautiful and they evoke a sense of calm serenity. My favorite is the one with the melon background (upper right), but the upper left one with the blue background runs a very close second. I like the three-dimensional look you got with the kimono folds and the hair sticks, too. Just a great job (as usual)! QK

DEW said...

Ha! Kerri picked the melon color one - that is the one I gave her. You both have great taste!! Thanks for the beautiful comment! D

Samhains said...

OMG I went to your blog today and your home page said:

On Blogger Since June 2006
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Profile views 666!!! OMG...WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!

LOL Actually I pay no stock in that..:) The number had to come up eventually...the weird thing is theres going to be a 777 EEHHEEH!!! NO!!! not the 777...??HUH?..888 no the 999 EEHEHEH!!!