Monday, February 05, 2007

ATCs: "Off With Their Heads!"

This month's ATC topic was "Games People Play". Yes, I'm fixated on these Amadeo Modigliani heads, but I just love using them. I went with an Alice in Wonderland kind of theme. The set I sent out were on red paper - I didn't get around to scanning them. I made these as extras at the same time. Not my favorite ATC effort. I put on the back "The games some people play are scarier than others." Quite true.

I LOVED Kerri's - go take a look! Her's are way edgy-er and I LOVE the double meaning. And I got the one with the beads - just love it!


Samhains said...

Cards anyone? :)

Samhains said...

continuation, sorry..they look like the back of playing cards..mabe I should of added that to my other post..