Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Well "Red"

Illustration Friday: "RED"
Inspire Me Thursday: "Hooked on Books"

I've been wrestling with this piece since Saturday and deemed it time to cut the umbilical cord! I started this piece for Illustration Friday's theme "red". I LOVE the color red and started playing around and all of a sudden my little gal started reading a book. I absolutely LOVE to read. Then I came up with the pun of "well read". I was having a problem with the background - I wanted to draw stacks of books piled floor to ceiling and just couldn't get it to look the way I wanted. Sunday I poked around the internet and saw Inspire Me Thursday's theme of books. How color! Monday I still had the "background" problem and started looking at copyright free pictures of stacks of books. This is the resulting piece.

The "well red" lady is watercolor on watercolor paper embellished with fibers and some glitzy embellishments. The background is a picture of library stacks that I pulled into Photoshop Elements and altered with artistic filters and then changed the hue. I printed out a color laser copy in the size I needed. I wanted to change some of the bright reds of the laser copy and tried to do it with paint. It didn't work! The ink from the laser printer made the paint bead up. I tried inks and various other paints. I ended up using pastels to get the wanted effect. I offset glued my little lady to the background for the finished product.


Michelle said...

You've done such a great job with this illustration, your girl in red looks as though she is thoroughly enjoying reading her book.

Michelle Lana said...

This is great...wonderful work!

Samhains said...

Don't you just love when Art leeds you, and it becomes and forms to its will, instead of forcing a piece to become.

For me, it has an "Introductionary" feeling, like I'm being introduced to an activity in the library, it also has a childrens quality to it, some introduction to reading feeling there :) for me personally :) but I analize everything to death..

I always enjoy your work :)

Crafty Green Poet said...

Excellent! Clever idea and well put together.

kerrip said...

This is wonderful. Your watercolor techniques have made her look much more dimensional. Great shading, and I just love the overall composition.