Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Studio Friday: Look Who I Found

This week's topic for Friday January 26th (OK, I'm a bit late): LOOK WHO I FOUND!

"I love to discover new artists and often find them through other peoples mentions of them. So, introduce us, in words and/or pictures, to an artist, craftsperson, or writer you admire and that we might not have heard of before (i.e. not a famous one). What do you like about their work? How does it inspire your own work?" ~ Janet

What fun! First of all I have to say that the two artists who came to mind when I saw this are fairly established: Shano and Luann Udel. But since I live under a rock, I'm delighted to have "found" them. Of course the dilemma is which one to choose? Kerri solved my dilemma because she is going to do Luann and I will leave my impressions at her blog as a comment. So that leaves me with the glorious Shano! You can tell she's going to be famous because she's one of those women with only one name, like "Cher" or "Madonna".

What isn't there to like about Shano? She is witty, a very fun writer (she totally cracks me up), her art is colorful and fun, and she loves horses! She draws and paints the way I wish I could: elegant and edgy. I love her subject matter: horses and divas and cats. Hey, wait a minute, there's A LOT to not like about her - she's pretty and talented and funny...whoops...sorry...that ugly green envy monster attacked me.

I can also tell you first hand that Shano's art is excellent quality. This Christmas I made an effort of cutting down on presents: we all have to much "stuff". Most of the presents I did buy was to support local artisans: soap makers, candy makers, maple syrup producers, etc. I also bought art from my internet network. We are there to support one another! I bought all kinds of fun things from Shano: her note cards are wonderful and very "girlie". I also treated myself to a mouse pad (what fun in my male dominated work world). I bought one of her prints as a gift and it is just beautiful! Everyone LOVED her work, whether it was a framed art print or on a tote bag. All of her work is gloriously alive!!

Shano has inspired me to turn my pencil sketches into full color renderings. Now, if only I could get her to give me painting lessons! If she can teach me to paint, we'll add "miracle worker" to her long list of talents! :)

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kerrip said...

I agree!! Debbie treated me to a package of Shano's cards, and they are so yummy!!! The colors absolutely leap off the wonderful cardstock. They will absolutely cheer anyone who is lucky enough to receive one... and you'll want to frame them!