Monday, January 29, 2007

A Landmark Birthday

As promised, some "catch-up" posts.
I celebrated a landmark birthday this year. We tend to have quiet birthdays. My beloved took me out with two dear friends to a new restaurant that opened not far from us. In addition to a wonderful dinner, a couple days later I opened the door to quite a sight: two lovely girlfriends wearing party hats declaring that they came to "kidnap" me. I had a choice of dinner, a movie, or dinner & movie - whatever I wanted.

While I was gone to at least change clothes (I had just come back from feeding the horses dinner) they got Penny into the act. What a good sport she is! We had dinner at a new Indian restaurant and since one lovely lady would have fallen asleep at a movie, we hit Barnes & Noble (yes, I'm pitiful - but they wanted to go too!). When I got home Len pointed out that the lovely ladies combined ages were equal to mine. Boy, he sure knows how to cheer me up! Actually, he was wrong - I'm younger than the sum of their ages - so take that beloved one!!


kerrip said...

That is truly one of the funniest photos I've ever seen. Would make a perfect greeting card. And you may be older than those two friends, but you'll always be immature!! (ha ha, not really, but I love that joke.)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry I couldn't be there for the kidnapping. I was definitely there in spirit though!! L said you guys had an awesome time!! What a great landmark to hit. Celebrate it!!
love d

Samhains said...

hahahaaa.. what a ham!