Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Sneaks Up

I'm not certain what my problem is this year in that the Christmas mood is eluding me. Is it because I've been traveling so much and not home? Is it because it is the day before Christmas Eve and it's 50 degrees and raining instead of below freezing with 2 feet of snow on the ground? Is it because I still don't know where the spring, summer and fall snuck off to (I believe they did it when I had my back turned)? Whatever the cause, I thought it is time to get out of my funk. I thought I had one more week to get my act together and yesterday I realized Christmas was two days away! So I dug out the Christmas presents that I bought back in August and started to figure out if I did indeed have presents for everyone that I should. That helped a bit, starting to wrap presents up in cheerful papers and bags.

Last year I decided to split my Christmas card list in half. This is because I have a list of over 70 and I just couldn't make that many cards without going crazy. I have my list cut roughly cut in half - the half that I send nice store bought cards to (mostly business contacts for the farm and people who don't reconize the effort that goes into a handmade card), and the other half, consisting of friends and our few relatives, receive handmade cards. Last year I put in a little note in the handmade card group that I was going to stop Christmas cards for awhile. After all, we get so many Christmas cards - why not spread cards over the year? I LOVE making Christmas cards - but it's a tough time of year to get them done. I love to make other types of cards as well. This year I was going to make Halloween cards but life got in the way. I HATE when that happens. So I made Chinese New Year cards to go out next month. I'll be finishing them off in the next couple weeks. I'll probably do a couple "traditional" holiday and then go to the silly ones like "International Talk Like a Pirate Day." I'll have lots of fun!

As I was wrapping up presents I thought that this is already Penny's third Christmas. I've included a picture of her from each year and I'll add one from this year when I snap it. What are our plans for Christmas? I'm working on business taxes (ugh!) so I have the bulk out of the way by Christmas eve. Then I hope to do some art! I've been stuck and my Christmas present to myself will be to become unstuck!! We have horse duty on Christmas day and have been invited to a quiet dinner with our friends and their immediate family. So we'll be eating well!!


kerrip said...

I can't decide which picture in the santa hat is cuter - you or Penny. It seems to be a widespread malaise about Christmas this year. Scott and I had two events to pull us out of our doldrums - one was the Melodies of Christmas concert at Proctors with his parents - the Empire Youth Orchestra and Chorale are amazing. If you closed your eyes, you would never guess that these are adolescents and teenagers. And last night, we took the long way to a holiday party, looking at lights and just talking on the way. All my mall frustrations just drained away. I hope you and Len have a wonderful, peaceful Christmas. I love you my wonderful friend and I cherish you and Len, and Penny. Merry Christmas.

Going For Greatness said...

It just didn't feel christmasy this yaer here either.......... i think it was the fact that it was almost 60 degrees and just NOT at all feeling seasonal. I think also that we, as we get older, tend to lose some of the wonder and joy of it all. I need to recapture that and will make a conscious effort to do so for next year.
Penny is, undoubtedly, the cutest Santa on EARTH!!!
Hope you have a groovy New Year!!!
xo xo xo

Going For Greatness said...