Sunday, December 03, 2006

ATC Christmas Ornaments!

Our ATC swap this month was to make three Christmas ATC ornaments. Two went to a secret "sis" and the third went on the store's tree. A real toughie for me. I don't typically make Christmas ornaments and I plain wasn't ready for Christmas!! I was still trying to figure out where Thanksgiving went, and also Fourth of July!

I whined at the swap's "leader", Marilyn Rock who is a very talented artist. She "un-stuck" me by informing me that my secret sis LOVED animals. OK - I can really connect to this lady! One of her favorite animals was sheep so I ran with it. I modeled this ornament after one of my FAVORITE jeweley designers: Sandra Mann - the Earring Lady. What I like about this little critter is she can be displayed all year round. Perhaps it is not very "Christmas-y" so I made a little "Christmas" ATC-sized holder for it. I had fun making this little critter. I love the bow on it's little bum! She makes me smile!


kerrip said...

Although these photos are good, they don't do justice to the absolutely adorable ornaments that I was able to see in person. These are super Debbie, and I think that you did the most creative take on this theme of anyone there. Thanks for coming with me to the party. Can't want to see you on Friday for an art-making day!! Beeswax fun!!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

very nice; it looks like it was complicated to make...

Going For Greatness said...

what CUTENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a nifty idea!! I have shyed away from ATCs for a while (got in some bad swaps.... really bad! *EEEK* )
Yours are super cute and anyone would LOVE to receive them!!