Sunday, November 05, 2006

Illustration Friday - Smoke...

...and mirrors!

This little piece has a little story to go with it. I was quite happy how this piece came out - it was very 3-D "ish" and the colors and textures worked. But I was having a heck of a time photographing it. I decided that it would work better if I put the piece on an easel. I did, and then promptly knocked it off and the entire piece blew apart - my adhesive wasn't dry yet. Yes, I'm a very impatient person! The first photo is the original piece. I tried to "mend" the shattered piece and that is what you see in the second photo.
You know what? Trying to get a better photo on the easel was a real lame idea - it didn't work so you'll see the same poor quality photo for the second attempt as well. Which version do you like better? I also messed with rotating the piece and liked my first idea the best. All suggestions are welcome!

For those of who like to know. The background is alcohol-based inks on a canvas board. The rest is very simple - three mirrors and some very fine Japanese paper. I used diamond glaze to adhere the "smoke" to the mirror and used finger nail polish remover to pull off where the glaze "ran" (which also worked for my big fat finger prints!!). The "sneaky" part. I used Photoshop to "erase" the part of the camera and my hand that was reflected in the mirrors.

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carla said...

I immediately thought of "smoke and mirrors," but didn't do it. I like this a lot, and I actually like the original piece the best. The smoke looks looser and softer - more smoke-like. What a great concept! I also really like the colors.

kerrip said...

I agree with carla that the first version smoke looks softer, but I do understand what happens when we glue-impaired and impatient artists start to tamper with out work. also love the fact that you had to perform some smoke and mirrors on your project (aka the photoshop technique)