Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Edwardian Beauties

Where has September and October gone to? I realized I never posted the second part of the Edwardian hat post. A grand time was had by all at the Vintage Cup event this year!! I ended up show casing three of my hats which were all Darna's. That woman is so amazing! There were many ladies and gents dressed to the nines so I've included a few here and show off Darna's hats at the same time!

Melanie and Karen are incredible. They are these size 0 to 2 sized ladies who can wear all those real vintage Edwardian clothes. I'm a horse in comparison. I'm also very cheap so I won't pay the bucks for the "real deal" (as my great friend Kathryn calls them) especially since I would never get into them unless I borrow Disney's shrinking machine. Melanie is an absolute sweetie and we hang out a lot to sell our bargain clothing to help dress up the ladies who come to the event sans period costumes. She has a wicked sense of humor. Then she does have to seeing who she's married to. Ray, he is a REAL character and I will share stories on him in a later blog.

This first photo has Karen in a "real deal" forest green walking suit. The detailing on it was incredible! It was way too big for her so I tried on the jacket thinking I could fit into it...NOT. Melanie is pretty in her red jacket and then there is that slob to the right who didn't straighten out her jacket. Hum, wonder who that could be. The slob's hat is gorgeous though - a wonderful burgundy felt creation by Darna!!

Here's Melanie the beautiful again with our friends Wayne and Phyllis, and my love on the end. Great legs eh?

This single photo of Melanie shows another "real deal". Karen bought the dress and Melanie altered it for herself (made it smaller - I hate her!). Melanie and Karen are "sharing" this dress. Melanie will wear it and then give it to Karen who will alter it to make it even smaller to fit her. I truly hate the both of them. :)

This is my favorite - vintage vintagers! They were sooo cute. The gentleman couldn't understand why everyone was taking pictures of him and was annoyed he had to keep stopping it was VERY funny!

And here is the fab four! This picture is for those of you who wanted to see the entire outfit so there it is with the hat!! Doesn't Phyllis look fab? Her jacket is beautiful - hard to tell in the photo.

Now. For a funny (or maybe not so funny) story. This event has been in Millbrook NY for a number of years. Next year it will move to Virginia. Len and I decided that instead of staying in the usual dump of a hotel that we regularly stayed in we would treat ourselves to a B&B. Len booked us into a nice one. I was a bit surprised that he got us in. All the lodgings are booked a year in advance. Even the dump we stayed at we had to book for the next year the night we got there or it would already booked for the next year when we checked out. The only wrinkle to the beautiful B&B was that we couldn't bring Penny. No dogs allowed. So we gave over our the other room to our friends Phyllis and Wayne so they were nice and close to the event. As the date neared I tried calling the B&B to find out if they had an iron and ironing board. I called a couple times and left a message. I joked with Len that the place probably burned down (this happened to us once with a hotel in the Caribbean) and we just didn't know. The day before I got worried and told Len to get a hold of the B&B. It turns out that although they did call us back and tell us that they had an iron, that they didn't notice that we didn't have a reservation. Someone double booked us into the B&B. The B&B was always booked for the Vintager's event by the same guy. We were out in the cold. It turned out that they "made" a place for us. Sort of a hunting lodge by Orvis. It was close, but a bit scary. AND we could have brought Penny. I was rather pissed. Especially when I went to lie down in the bed and it crinkle - it had PLASTIC under the mattress pad. The place had a full kitchen but it was upstairs, along with the bathroom. That's just what I needed - to go up steep stairs to go to the potty in the middle on the night. Luckily for Len, my life insurance is all paid up and I have a special accident insurance through my work. I couldn't resist snapping this picture to remind us of our "special" B&B stay. :)


kerrip said...

These photos, and this story is a hoot! And you look just as petite as the other ladies to me. I love your B & B story. When Scott and I honeymooned in Montreal, we were asked to leave our hotel on night #2 because the hotel had been sold. Fortunately, the next hotel, recommended by our cab driver, was much nicer than the first.

Anonymous said...

What a riot reading about the Vintage Cup! I’m sure everyone thinks we’re crazy for doing all this, but it is SO much fun. This reminds me of how much I missed it this year. The last photo was funny; what was that? I see a propane tank, but it looks like an outhouse. Was it part of the layout where you finally ended up staying? You said that it was sort of a Hunting Lodge by Orvis; was it on the Sandanona Range? I knew your B&B reservations got all messed up, but I don’t recall hearing where you actually ended up, except that you could have had Penny with you.

I thought you looked fabulous in the photos (as did Karen, Phyllis, and of course our beautiful Melanie). Your outfits were every bit as nice as the “real deal” ones (thanks for the attribution).

BTW, that was kinda nasty what you said about Ray—I love it, but I’ll probably have to go to confession because I’m enjoying it too much.


DEW said...

Awh - I wasn't THAT hard on Ray! I didn't go into nominating Melanie for saint-hood or all the nasty things I call him when he picks on my dog!!

That little house was some sort of storage building. I snapped it as a joke about where we ended up. You know my really sick sense of humor!!

Ouissi Gresty said...

These photographs are fabulous...I love the dresses (& I'm always a sucker for a man in a kilt...I so miss all those ceilidhs!!)

Ouissi x

Going For Greatness said...

WOW! This looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUN!!! As a Medieval Reenactor, I can totally get 'into' these styles and the fun!!!
Great photos. I think it's all fabulous and would desperately love to hear MORE about the event!!!