Sunday, October 22, 2006

Studio Friday - Autumn Inspiration!


It is my favorite time of year! I love the crisp clear air and all the autumn colors! The horses and I love that the bugs are gone and we can travel the trails un-accosted by those annoying, buzzing, biting creatures! The hills are ablaze with color everywhere you look with nature putting on a spectacular showing to remind us that after a winter rest everything will burst out full of life again.

We welcome back the Canadian geese that stay with us until the snow covers the fields. I love how they sound as they land and take off and argue with each other. I never tire of watching their crazy antics as some of them tumble to reduce airspeed for landing. When they finally leave, I miss hearing their gentle murmuring during the night. Although some nights they will break out in a raucous and wake us up - probably because one of them told a really good joke or one of them was hogging the pond, or someone got goosed.

I blissfully sit in our family room without having to listen to the air conditioning or the furnace. Each is noisy in more than one sense. The air conditioning makes the electric meter spin at warp speed pulling dollars automatically out of our bank account and the furnace sucks up pre-paid oil that we buy in the middle of summer. Most years the pre-paid contract saves us lots of $$$ since oil is cheaper in the summer and typically the price goes up through the fall and winter. However THIS year...well, let's just not talk about it.

It’s time for cozy fires and pulling out the soup pot. There is nothing nicer than coming back from the barn on a crisp Saturday morning to a hot cup of brewed tea and cooking up a pot of soup for lunch, dinner and then lunch again with fresh crusty bread.

I love that autumn holds my favorite holiday – Halloween! I love to select pumpkins for curving, loading up the back of my truck with a variety of shapes and sizes for all the characters we will create. I drive the poor gentleman farmer crazy because I take so long to select my new “gang”. He patiently waits because he wants to help put them in my truck for me. Either that or he’s afraid I won’t put money in his money can :). We have a long stonewall along the dirt road that is home to between ten and fifteen carved pumpkins each Halloween. The ponies find these disembodied “heads” a bit scary. Our friends help us carve the pumpkins as pumpkin seeds roast in the oven and we swill apple cider with or without “additives”. I've already gutted the pumpkins but the trick now is to find time before I go back out of town for work to carve them - that will be my treat!! And then there is Leanne and Dave’s annual Halloween party – we dress up with the best of them and eat and drink too much and pictures are taken of black mail quality! Ah – Autumn!!


Anke said...

I enjoyed reading your post. Have fun with carving the pumpkins!

Salix Tree said...

Pumpkins are so much fun! You do so many! I usually do one or 2 each year.
Happy Halloween!

kerrip said...

great pictures. you really do live in paradise. love the pumpkin carvings. I haven't carved one in years, but that got me in the mood!

Going For Greatness said...

SOUP!!YES Autumn is the start of the SOUP SEASON here too!! I LOVE my crock pot and enlist it's services OFTEN all Fall and Winter! It's a life saver.
Pumpkins are my favourite things. I actually COLLECT pumpkins so of course, this time of year I always add something to my collection ;)
We do a lot of Jack-O-Lanterns too and we also carve gourds! FUN!
Love those photos... I wanna visit you!! I'm just over the river and thru the woods from you!