Saturday, October 21, 2006

Artist Date and ATCs!

This has been quite a month. A death in the family and a few other situations has turned things a bit more upside down than usual. I love fall and hate to leave home during October, but the universe had other plans for me. I dragged myself into work after over a week of 8 different flights to find a surprise in store for me. Our DC section head wanted me to attend a meeting with him as his sole technical expert. I tried to talk him into taking a colleague from our sister laboratory in my place but failed, so I’m off again next week. AUGH!! Luckily I had not yet unpacked my suitcase!!

With everything going on – trying to catch up from being gone, trying to get ready to go back out of town, and reading over 12 inches of reports on a project that I am completely unfamiliar with – it would have been easy to cancel my artist date with Kerri. However I try to never, ever miss those precious dates. We try very hard to do one once a month and we’re lucky to do one every two or three. It is difficult to coordinate two very busy schedules. Our artist date is much more than just an artist’s date – we catch up on life. We mostly communicate by email and as wonderful as it is, it is not the same as being together. Kerri fulfills so many facets of my life – an inspiration, a teacher, a friend and a good listener and a great storyteller. In this visit I needed to recharge my batteries. I was totally stuck art wise. I had no desire to create art - situations had sucked the energy smack out of me. It would have been easier to stay at home or go into work to try to catch up. I’m glad I didn’t.

Typically I am very organized for our artist date. But this time I didn’t know what I was going to do and just threw some random objects in a box to bring with. Kerri inspired me to do my ATC cards. I had emailed the organizer that I would not be able to participate this time around because I was mostly out of town. The due date was Sunday and it turned out Kerri was teaching a class that day and could take my cards in along with hers. All I had to do was make the cards. That is what I did for our artist’s date. Kerri showed me her transparency technique and I employed it to make my ATCs using Rubbermoon stamps – I LOVE their images!! I complained and hated what I did and Kerri kept prodding me gently along. Eventually I finally became unstuck! Thank you Kerri! I don’t have pictures of the ATCs but Kerri will be emailing me some pictures once she downloads them. I’m on the road to recovery. Kerri’s were fabulous and I hope she posts them!!

The moral of this story is – keep your artist’s dates. You deserve them and there is no really good excuse to miss them. It is far too easy to let life get in the way. AND hang on tight to your good friends! You never know when they may slip through your fingers.

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kerrip said...

I think the moral of this story is that I have an absolutely wonderful friend. Thanks Debbie. I also look foward to our days of art & life. They fuel me!!