Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A View from Penny's Window

I went to create a new post of vistors at Penny's window and realized I never posted the first post! It was just sitting there as a draft back in July! So here it is.

Penny has a great spot in the corner of our family room. We never realized that we put that window at that height 12 years ago just for her. She likes her view and will lounge there for hours as I do paper work. She always lets me know when something is up. If someone drives up to the barn she'll growl, if something is really interesting her head will pop up extra high. Like this family of geese - their 5 babies fully grown now - feeding around one of our bird feeders. And when its really hot, they will lie down under the tree. Penny has one great view!!


Niki said...

Hello, thank you very much for your comment, Im happy, thank you.
I very like your Pennys window.

Ouissi Gresty said...

She is just darling!! Lovely view...she is a lucky dog...wish I had such a nice window to dream infront of!

Ouissi x

sandra said...

I can't get over your gorgeous property. The geese, the water, the green green lawn...I'm turning green with jealousy. lol.

Going For Greatness said...

She definitely has 'THE VIEW'!!! perfect!! It's so serene... makes me wonder what exacly she thinks as she appears to be pondering the goings on outdoors!!
~ XO ~