Saturday, September 16, 2006

Inspire Me Thursday - Inspired by Design

Still in Progress...
I just LOVE this topic! I've been trying to translate my pencil sketch to a collage. I knew if I waited much longer the topic would be changed. I'm posting my pencil sketch and will hopefully get the collage done to post. Also, if I post and tell everyone I'll be finishing this collage, then I'll have to do it! Drop me a comment and I'll notify you when I complete the collage. There, now I REALLY have to make myself finish. Do I sound like a person who starts art projects and doesn't finish them? If you replied "yes" you are absolutely correct!

This idea was really tough to translate the way I wanted - even the pencil sketch was tough (I'll describe that process below). I wanted the finished piece to be as close as possible to the original because I've never tried to do that before. My idea was to give the entire piece a "soft" look to mimic the original work. I tend to go really bright and bold and generally go over the top. As I started painting the cherubs they were just really wrong - in fact nothing about them was right. I am starting a watercolor class this Tuesday - my first at any formal art training. I'm going to bring my horrible cherubs with me and use as my project to "fix". Wish me luck!

Some background on the pencil sketch. I know that I put my cartoon animals in a lot of really strange un-natural (for them) positions, but I always try to capture the essesence of how they actual are put together and move. A good example is Penny in my IF's "Safe" posting. Penny is capable to go into that position without breaking anything. Especially since she’s a puppy and still very flexible!! My horse drawings are a bit different. I maintain all of their joints and try to put them in as "natural" positions as possible, but very often the only way that they would go into some of the more extreme positions would be to sever tendons. But, again, I try to stick as close to possible (if I can) to their natural state.

This translation of Raphael's "Cherubs" was tough. First of all horses have long heads, there is very little round about them, I took the heads to the point of roundness that my eye would allow and that worked, but what the heck do I do with those long necks? Everything I did made them look like giraffe necks. I just got rid of the neck on the right hand cherub - that worked pretty well. However, that left hand cherub was a real bear to do. My first stab at it result in the head not being tilted at the correct angle. When the head was correct, then the neck was so wrong and the whole thing just looked odd. I made a number of trips to the barn with my sketch pad and stared from different angles at Mac and Anni trying to figure it out. The front legs were the easiest parts - I just had to tweak angles and also rotate the hoofs/hand the correct way to mimic the positioning. I finally achieved a sketch that I felt I could work with although I have no idea where their necks are :).

My downfall has been, and continues to be, in the execution of painting these little horse cherubs. Currently they look like they walked off a Warner Brother's cartoon. I'm going to give them a last go on my own and then work on the background. I'll post what I have for your amusement on Sunday :). Hopefully my class on Tuesday will help and I'll end up with the image I have in my head in the collage! Wish me luck!!

In some ways I feel like a failure with this topic. Then I remind myself that the point of this forum is to work on our art and I'm exactly doing that. I probably got a bit too ambitious for the limited talent I have, but I'll continue to work at it. On this particular piece I can only make it better!!! Have a great weekend and please stop by again and I appreciate any insights. If you leave a comment I will notify you when I update this post. Thanks!


kerrip said...

I got a sneak preview of this sketch, but I love seeing it next to its inspiration. I'm sure the color version looks much better than you think.

Going For Greatness said...

This is sooo cute! Not at all a failure with this challenge. I find it refreshing and knew exactly what you were going for with it. YOu didnt even need to show the original!!
Looks adorable!!!!

Anonymous said...

The pencil sketch of your cherub horses looks so cute juxtaposed with the original. Great idea! If you ever do make the collage, you could emulate the clouds and that would really tie the two together. -QK