Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Therapy on the Rocks!

Yesterday we had our second session of myofacial release physical therapy before leaving for home today. We did sessions the day after we arrived in Sedona. I underwent an intensive program of this treatment in Paoli, PA over 10 years ago and continue the treatment with an incredible local physical therapist (Regina Hagstrand) who is MFR trained. I went from a pain-ridded mess who couldn't bend over to tie her own shoelaces, to a happy person who can now manage her chronic symptoms. I now have days where I'm almost pain free. A condition that two neuro-surgeons claimed would never happen. The reason I'm mentioning this factoid at this time is because of something that they told me at the front desk during our first sessions. They had a group of people come into their office one day thinking it was a bar. "Therapy on the Rocks" - I thought it was hysterical. But look at the pictures - what do YOU think? A bar or a physical therapy facility?


Going For Greatness said...

Therapy on the Rocks sounds very much like the kinda bar I'd love to go hang out it! HA!
The place looks amazing! I'm SO glad that they could give you the treatment you needed to get you back on track! What type of pain disorder do you have (yeah I'm nosey... happens from living with a physician... medicine is a kind of hobby for me sorta!) I hope that you are feeling rejuvenated and back to your regular self!! It's great that you could find a place to go to while away from home too, you're pretty resourceful.
XO and healing hugs!!

kerrip said...

Definitely looks like a pub to me!! very funny