Sunday, August 06, 2006

Swimming Lessons

Our brutal heat wave broke yesterday so what did we do this morning? Why, we took Penny for a swimming "lesson" of course. Our friend has a great spot along the Waloomsac river where he takes his dogs to learn to swim and we met him there today. It's shallow for a long way out. We have a big pond but it has steep sides and a soft bottom. Penny will stand on the shore and watch Molly swim, but Penny won't go in past her chest. Our friend brought his chocolate lab, Mona, with to entice Penny into the water. I was armed with Penny's favorite - a rawhide chewy. The picture I wished I could have snapped was Len getting her slowly out and when the water got too deep she just climbed up on him. It was hysterical. I think she would of climbed up him like a cat and stood on his head if she could of. I will have to draw a cartoon of it sometime.

I didn't have my camera. It seems that I made a strategic error - Poodles are great on their hind feet and will walk on them without swimming. Penny on her hind legs is almost as tall as me so all my pockets were under water. Thus the camera had to stay on the bank. We got Penny in a couple times but she would just go to her hind legs. She is very smart - I could only "bribe" her in once, but after I pulled her into deeper water she wouldn't get within arms length of me. I worked with her some more and she would come out to me as long as I didn't get too deep. We did feel we had a very successful first time. We got her to go in deeper than in the past to get a duck dummy (but only because Mona wanted it!) I snapped a picture of that to show Leanne and Molly. She decided she liked the duck dummy and if Len and I played with it, and Mona wanted it, Penny would come after it. When we were driving home I told Len it was funny that we have a horse that can swim, but our dog doesn't. The Universe does have a wicked sense of humor.


Going For Greatness said...

How wicked of a sense of humor nature has! I would have thought that Penny would have LOVED the water since she's a standard poodle and....well... a WATER DOG! Too funny! I think she's a proper lass who just doesn't wish to get her beautiful curly locks WET! I can't say as I blame her, really! ;)
It's great that you got her out there without too much trouble. Perhaps the next 'lesson' will go better since she's familiar with it and seems (in that photo) to be having a decent time. I can just imagine her on her hind legs trying to climb Len like a tree! You MUST sketch that out!! It's a MUST!!!
Have a great Monday!

Anonymous said...

I love this story. It looks like you did make progress and your approach was sound. Penny is a pretty smart puppy, though. It’s hard to stay one step ahead of her. Good luck! QK