Friday, August 25, 2006

Studio Friday – Who!?

"I am curious to see/hear/read who everyone takes their inspiration from - an artist of traditional media, multimedia, craft world, living or dead. Who would we like to have the chance to meet and speak with, or to thank for inspiring us? " ~ Jo

There is for me, of course, a cast of thousands. Again SF is making me chose so I will describe three people, because each individual provides a unique inspiration for me. And I want to thank them all!

First is Kerri Posson. She was first my teacher at Stampassion classes. Then she was a mostly online art buddy who kept me sane as possible during a difficult time with a lot of overseas travel. Now she?s a great friend who pushes me to create even when I want to throw in the towel. She continues to be an inspiration and she puts up with my myriad of personality quirks. Kerri is an incredible artist and fabulous with words. She could easily become a writer if she so desired. She also is an incredible teacher and I get so much out of our very infrequent artists dates. Kerri?s process is totally different from mine so I am continually learning from her. The added bonus is that she is a wonderful human being with whom I can really relate to on many levels. And her sense of humor is as twisted as mine.

Second is Claudine Hellmuth who inspired me from the first time I saw her as keynote speaker at Artfest 2001. She was such a relaxed speaker, enthusiastic and so generous in sharing her work. I finally got to take a workshop with her and she is truly amazing. She?s a genuinely nice person ? not just someone pretending to be a nice person - there IS a difference. She really shares everything about her techniques. She is not like a top chef who leaves one or two ingredients out of their recipe so when you do it the results aren?t as good. I can tell you first hand that she shares all her little tricks of the trade in her books and DVDs ? she doesn?t save them only for people who enroll in her workshops. However, her workshops ARE worth every penny and she gives everyone lost of individual attention. Claudine is an incredible artist, teacher and person. She makes me believe that I can create too!

Third, but not least, is a very new online inspiration: ?Going-for-Greatness? Gabi. I like to think of her as my alter-ego and the more I read about her the more I?m convinced that is the case. As a child I was just about afraid of everything while she was pretty much afraid of nothing or nobody! She always seems to leave the right comment at the right time and I also love reading her blog. One of the major goals of my blog is to make people laugh. When I think I?m so missing the mark with a posting, she?ll let me know that I cracked her up. Her feedback is so important to me - yes I know that sounds pathetic but it's how I feel. Gabi also gives me a kick in the butt when I need it. I am convinced that the woman never sleeps. She?s a mother of two (not just someone who has two kids ? there IS a difference), an artist, a writer, and has enough energy (supporting my theory that she never sleeps) to sprinkle encouragement and goodwill across many artists' blogs. She?s a very special lady and on days that I really don?t know why I even bother with a blog, I?ll sit down and write it anyway. After all, Gabi will read it and she doesn?t even have to!


Hanna said...

What a great post, and lots of kind words. It seams that you are a very nice person too, I think.

Lisa said...

What great personal interaction you have had with these talented people! I second what you have said about Gabi- I love getting her comments too.

Carrie said...

Great post, about some great inspirations! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

:) That picture hurts my eye... :)

naomi said...

This was wonderful reading and what an honour to your inspiring "friends/teachers".

Going For Greatness said...

It's been so great to get to know you through blogging and also emails! I love your comments on my blog and finding messages from you in my email too. I quite agree, it's such an inspiration to know that there are artists out there who inspire us and yet are very down to earth, Christine sounds fabulous and I think I would very much enjoy her books and workshops!
I am so honored to be mentioned in this thread! *blush* I love your blog, the way you write and create and the way you explain things in your photographs and sketches just lifts my spirits. Keep on creating!!

Anke said...

What a great speech! Makes me want to join a workshop from Claudine Hellmuth even more! And beautiful altered journal from your inspiring friend!

claudine hellmuth said...


awww thank you for all your sweet words! it was a joy to have you in class.

I have to ask you a question about shipping and I can't find your email. Need to know about shipping a 18x24 to italy as a commission.

Since you know so much about shipping I thought i;d ask you!

kerrip said...

Wow, I've been away from my computer for several days, so coming back to this tribute was such a wonderful surprise!! Thank you so much Debbie. As I hope you know, it's a mutual admiration!!! The idea that you are "out there" creating and traveling the same artistic journey makes it much more worthwile. And for those who might read these comments, Debbie is also an amazingly talented writer, as well as artist - her blog is much more interesting than mine - and one of the most sincere and generous people I've ever had the pleasure to know. Thanks for the post!!