Saturday, August 12, 2006

Studio Friday - No Woman is an Island

...without her art supplies!!

The topic was if you were stranded on a desert island and allowed to bring only three items from you studio, what would they be?

This one was so thought provoking that it paralyzed me. We’re not talking my favorite art supplies, but what I would take to a desert island. I needed more info. Desert island – we’re probably talking no electricity so that cuts out anything electrical. I could bring things that only use batteries and bring batteries. Gosh, do batteries count as one of my three things? No, wait, they are not an art supply so I don’t have to count them! How long will I be there? Hum, my digital camera with its extra battery can take 1000s of pictures, but I need something to down load to. How long will my Mac run on its battery? Not very. Oh rats – that means I need a printer. Battery powered printer? Obviously I had to stop letting my brain go down that path.

Regroup – I think about the topic again and note we’re talking “desert” island – not “deserted” island. Yikes! Forget the art supplies, I better bring water, food and SPF 100 sunscreen (I burn easily). Perhaps it is time for me to go back and read the entire topic description. I must admit I didn’t read the description: I had asked a friend what the topic was because I couldn’t get to a computer.

So imagine this:
You are going to live on this absolutely amazing island with stunning surroundings, a white beach, magnificent trees, waterfalls, no poisonous insect on it (hahaha, so no spiders or ugly thingies)'s a real paradise this island. Rich in food and water as well, so no worries on that front either. You are allowed to bring only three items from your studio. Now: what would they be and what would you do with them and what do you imagine you might create????

OK, I can leave the water and umbrella at home, but will still need sunscreen. But I’m not counting the sunscreen as one of my art supplies. One could argue that it could be used as an art supply. Perhaps I could develop the new “sunscreen-image-transfer-method” while I’m there. Wow! I could send that technique into Sommerset Studio, give classes, write a book, put out a DVD – I’d be rich! I’d be famous!! I’d be – oh, sorry. My imagination got a bit carried away. After all there’s probably no publishing company or video studio on the island. :-)

Let me start over. I need to stop focusing on how long I’ll be there. My brain keeps diverting and wondering if I’m there for years should I bring things to make art supplies from the renewable resources? Should I bring things that will last longer (pastels versus paints)? Ok, time to reel in my undisciplined brain and just PICK!! You may wonder why I’ve been rambling forever. It is because my answer is actually quite boring! I would bring, drum roll please…..

Yes – boring - black & white medium for such a colorful setting. As you see looking at my blog I struggle with color. I still do much better capturing the essence of something in pencil. I drew 3 more color versions of my profile thumbnail and none of them look like me the way the pencil sketch does. I will be taking some classes (hopefully) to solve this issue eventually (with LOTS of practice!) So, although I would love to bring my color pencils, pastels, etc., I believe I am better off to take my trusty pencils to capture the essence of the lovely environment. Then when I return and get some lessons, I’ll hopefully transform those sketches into works of art. Of course I’ll do all that AFTER I demo my sunscreen-image-transfer-technique on the Carol Duvall show! :-)


Going For Greatness said...

I am gonna be in the audience when you demo on the Carol Duval show!!! hee hee hee! You'll have your OWN CHEERING SECTION!!
I think a sketch pad and charcoal pencils would rock! (though.. you could just use charcoal from the fire and be able to bring something else if ya wanted to get really crafty ( can you tell that I sat here WAYYYYYYYY Tooo long today to think about the entry?!
You CAN bring your digi camera, cuz I know you and I will be 'desert island' neigbors and you can just pick batteries off my Battery tree (yeah... on my island, there's a battery tree!)
ok.. I am waiting to see your 1st sunscreen transfer art....... come on!! Whatcha waiting for?!?

Ouissi Gresty said...

Love the thought of bringing your imagination...fabulous!! never considered that!

Ouissi x

kerrip said...

hi there, professor -(yes, I've decided that if this were GILLIGAN's island, you'd be the professor). This answer was so quintessentially YOU. Way way way way (way) too much thought into what to bring, but for me, entirely entertaining, and I was laughing out loud all the way through reading it... and it would be poetic justice for you to invent the newest transfer technique using sunscreen, given your luck (and mine) with transfers in general. I must admit I am shocked that you didn't choose to take ANY of your many boxes of pastels or anything color... but I would share, of course.

Anke said...

You are so funny ! I had a great time reading your thoughts on this topic!

kate_always said...

imagination! ahh, you have it!

dai said...

sunscreen is in your picture. are you bringing it? I never even thought of that!!

tiffinix said...

Battery powered printer! I love it. . .and the sunscreen image transfer is a fantastic idea! You are so cute what a hilarious post!

DEW said...

Dai - the sunscreen is in there as a joke because of my sunscreen-image-transfer technique. I was being silly and I'm glad someone picked up on it!! Take care! D