Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sedona True Colors or Why the Golden Arches Aren't

Today had a fabulous day with Claudine filling in on a whole assortment of wonderful background techniques and composition tips. She is so incredibly generous with all her "tricks" even down to the practical tip of putting a little bit of Vaseline on the gel medium and gesso jar screw threads so they won't dry closed. Very cool! My Dad loved Vaseline and used it like the father used Windex in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". My Dad would have LOVED this application of his favorite miracle potion!

I have no pictures of my work. I had one of THOSE days. I'd like to blame it on only 3 hours of sleep, but that would be a cop out. Claudine helped out a lot and I hope tomorrow that I have a better day! Today I was looking at everyone's great work and thinking "why do I think I can do this?" But, instead of going on with this depressing path I'll give you an interesting factoid about Sedona.

Sedona has zoning restrictions up the wazoo. The plus is that the landscape is preserved. Houses blend into the landscape so there are no distracting structures, like a bright purple house. I'm not making this up. There is a bright purple house in a little town next to ours. The house also has bright yellow trim. I was told it was some kind of protest about zoning restrictions. Go figure.

After we complained about not being able to find the visitor's center because of really poor signage, the information volunteers educated us on one of the many Sedona signage rules: no sign can have more than 28% yellow and/or white. That is why the "Golden Arches" aren't. They are turquoise - the only place, we are told, in the US where the "golden arches" are a different color. It just looks strange. However, it was still very recognizable!!
Tomorrow I hope for a better results day and I'll post some pictures. I hope to take some pictures of the lovely work the other ladies are doing if they don't mind. Stay tuned.


kerrip said...

you CAN do it. I've seen you do it. and you have more drive than almost anyone I know, so enjoy tomorrow and post more pictures... ( but I know the feeling!!) totally cool factoid about the golden turquoise arches. love it!!

kerrip said...

WOW, you've hit the big time, chick!! - You and Len - both mentioned on Claudine's blog today!!! Way to go!!!

Going For Greatness said...

Sounds like you had one heck of a great time!!

you said "Today I was looking at everyone's great work and thinking "why do I think I can do this?"

I say " are you kidding me?! your art inspires me, your style wakes me up, lifts my spirit and makes me want to see more"

So quit yer bitchin' or I'll kick you in the butt! Everyone has their own 'style', you have a definite STYLE. I love it. Don't be your own worst critic.(I know we are all our own worst critics I KNOW!)

Ok Turquoise "golden" arches is just SO unappetizing..... LOL!!!!!