Friday, August 18, 2006

Sedona Trekking!

This will be a quick post because I'm not at home, but in Sedona to attend a fabulous Claudine Hellmuth workshop. We did arrive a bit early so we could squeeze in a little sightseeing in this truly amazing place! I so wanted to go to the V-V petroglyph site to see, first hand, some of the petroglyphs that inspired my starbook inserts and continue to inspire random art. Unfortunately, the site is only open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday - the very same days of the workshop. Bummer. Instead we took a jaunt to the Palatki cultural site which has an unmolested cliff dwelling and some rock art. It was fascinating and the guides were incredible. Charlie told us about how he was trapping squirrels because they were digging up the "floor" in the cliff dwelling. However, the squirrel did some "good" in that it unearthed an entire child's sandal - the first ever recovered in the entire state. We had a great time listening to all the stories and the background on how we believed the people lived. We also got a look at the local wild life. Len asked the guide what this little artifact was in the crack of the rock face and if it was naturally occurring. It was a little bat peeking up at us - probably trying to get some sleep. A rattler scared the bejeezus out of a family. The family ended up split in half, the second half afraid to come up. Len and I were coming down. I looked at Len and said "looks dangerous, you go first". He did, but I guess the snake decided to go find somewhere nice and cool to slink to. We didn't get any good pictures of the rock art, so I'll leave you some "modern" glyps I found in the sand :-).


kerrip said...

Hi there, traveler! Good to see a new post. I figured you were super busy. Great pictures. An entirely different color and landscape than the old northeast. Have a great time in Claudine's worhshops!! I am so disappointed for you that you won't be able to see the ruins - oh well, I guess you'll have to go back!!!

Going For Greatness said...

I wish I was there! I miss Arizona! People don't realize how colourful and alive the desert really is! It sounds like you had a lot of fun trekking around and exploring. That was one thing I absolutely LOVED about living in Tucson; the landscape and that there's SO much untouched space to go explore!
I can't wait to see more pictures from your adventures!!