Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Claudine Hellmuth Workshop Results, Part I

This is the first is a series of pictures I'd like to share with you documenting what we all were up to at Claudine Hellmuth's Sedona workshop. This first installment are a couple of my practice pieces.
The first is mostly done and is a 5"x7" canvas board. I brought with some of my clay glyps to figure out how to incorporate in a flat piece instead of as starbook inserts. Claudine was a huge help and this first picture is what we came out with. The background is a build up of textured acrylic paint. You can find the directions for this technique in Claudine's first book. I scratched the small glyps in the background. Claudine had a better idea of drawing the glyps while the paint is still wet and I did a second one using that idea: I'll post it when I'm finished painting it. I used a great product that Claudine recommended, EZ Walnut Ink tintZ, to blend the edges. The strip (another Claudine idea) is of canvas paper which I painted. I'm still working on this one, but it is the most complete of my collection.

The second piece (9"x12" canvas board) I'd like to share is less finished. I call this one "Solar Flares". It needs blending and the clock face is a stand-in for a moon or other celestial body. I'm liking this one and think I will be happy with the final product. I used Claudine's "plastic wrap crinkle" technique for the background. You can find that technique in her second book. The sun sort of "happened" and I added the heads and the piece evolved from there. I'll post the final product when I eventually get it done.

FYI I don't get a commission on Claudine's books - she just explains things really extremely well. Way better than I can!


Stevie D. said...

The crinkle effect is pretty cool -- from the photo it looks like brush strokes (or finger strokes).

- Stevie D. (

kerrip said...

I love the solar flares. Wonderful colors. Of course, the glyp background looks great too. What a great build-up of paint texture.

Anke said...

Oh I love the first one! Looks like you got great inspiration in your workshop!