Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Baby It's HOT Outside!

A heat index of 105 to 110 degrees today. In upstate New York! It was so hot that when I opened the door to go over to the feed the horses lunch, Penny stopped in the doorway. She stood in that interface between cool and hot and stared up at me as if to say "surely you must be joking!" She's never been a big fan of hot. When she was a tiny puppy she'd run as fast as her little legs could take her, she'd hit a shady spot and plop. Then she'd wait for me to walk up to where she was lying, and she'd run like crazy to the next shade tree and PLOP! She STILL does the same thing, but her legs are much longer now.

The picture above is of her with her summer "do". We cut her very short for summer and let her grow out more in the winter. She's happily sitting in the shade hoping the only place I'll ask her to go is into air conditioning. In this picture she is sitting in the shade of the birch trees saying "you go over to the barn, and I'll stay here and guard the ole homestead."


Going For Greatness said...

I guess we're on the same wave over here! I, too, blogged about this unbearable heat! It's ridiculous!
Penny has the right idea! If ya gotta be outside, SHADE is the only place to be!
Her 'do' is cute! I love it. Poodles love water, don't they? Has she had a swim this Summer? My Jack Russell LIVES in our little plastic kiddy pool we got her. She runs in circles along the side unitl almost all of the water splashes out. She's a nut!
It's so hot and nasty out that we're cooped up inside. I think I'll toss the girls in the bathtub!!
Have a good one!

Vee said...

it is hot outside!! suppose to more of the same today...

kerrip said...

I only just noticed her tongue hanging out. i can't wait for this heat to lift! cute pic