Friday, July 21, 2006

Studio Friday - Studio Sidekicks

I already sort of blew my wad on my art sidekick in last week’s Studio Friday. My heart-felt thanks to all the wonderful comments that led to this week’s topic. I so look forward to seeing all the sidekicks that were described in my comments as well as many others!

I could take more pictures of Miss Penny. However, Poodles do have a tendency towards pomposity so I decided to let that sleeping dog lie.

I started thinking about other sidekicks. I envisioned cheerful little songbirds, their glorious songs filling my attic studio, propelling me to spectacular creative heights!

This is my vision of my avian sidekicks:

But then, I came back to earth and faced reality. Selecting new members of our family would involve my crazy-maker husband Len. Len would certainly have a hand in the selection and a vision started to fill my mind. We’d probably end up with a talking bird that probably would have an entire vocabulary of rude sayings that wouldn’t reveal themselves until we brought our new little family member home.

This is probably the avian sidekick I’d end up with:

With a sidekick like that – who needs an inner critic? Well, at least he has some rhyming abilities! So, on second thought. I’ll just stick with my current sidekick. Where is she right now you may ask? Well, fast asleep in her kennel. A night owl she isn’t. Hummm, an owl...they don’t they?


Going For Greatness said...

Upon arriving to your entry today, I was greeted by 2 lovely songbirds, perched so delicately on a branch and singing such a beautiful duet! As I scrolled down, I have to admit, I laughed so hard that my bladder went into convulsions. I almost peed in my pants!! THAT would be the bird that I WOULD wind up with TOO!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mine would also have a very 'colourful' vocabulary full of insults and other demented sayings! That is just TOO funny! ya know... sometimes when I look at my dogs, I can actually see them thinking things that aren't so nice. My husband and I know that our 14 year old dog thinks we're morons and she's expressed it MANY times in her facial distortions!
Your birds are AWESOME and I haven't laughed this hard while sitting here perusing blogs in a VERY VERY VERY LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!!
Have a fabulous WEEKEND!
~XO~ Gabi
ps - hey's your Boo-boo? Mackie wants to know!!!

naomi said...

I LOVE it!

Ouissi Gresty said...

These are great...I used to have budgies and whilst they didnt speak you just knew they were dicussing you...they even managed to sound like thay were laughing!

OUissi x

LB said...

I love your interpretations of the warbling bird and its evil twin. :-)

Lisa said...

What a HOOT! Love your avian friends!!

mbc said...

Cute idea for "sidekicks". I also enjoyed your post of your process for your piece. It's interesting to see how it all comes together. Thanks for coming by!

Anke said...

OH, what great birds!!!!! I had to laugh when I read your post, too funny!

Ellen said...

I thing I had a bird like that once! Thanks so much for suggesting this topic, and a big thanks to Penny, too!

Stacia said...

How funny! What a great concept and sense of humor :) Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I love the sidekicks, even Len’s version. Interesting what you come up with in meetings, isn’t it? All in all, because I know and love Penny the Perfect Poodle, I’d say keep her and forget about the birds! QK