Saturday, July 08, 2006

Studio Friday - Seven Layer Salad

...well, perhaps not seven. I ended up doing something entirely different than I originally "planned". I read Linda's cool topic and thought "Wow! I'll layer clay!" I had planned to develop a clay color "palette" by mixing colors in my clay. This is something I've wanted to do for quite sometime. I played with it for a couple hours only to find I didn't have the correct pigment to mix colors. I fooled around with other products, but didn't get the results I was looking for. I made a big mess and had fun, but didn't have much to layer. So I played around with some papers and came up with "layered lady". She reminds me a bit of Alfre Woodard. She is fairly 3-D but the scanner flattened her out.

I'm finding participation in this forum rather interesting. I joined in mainly because it was fun and it would also get me off my butt to make time for art during the week. Usually I can't get to it until the weekend, but that is better than nothing. I find my weekends gobbled up by things I didn't get to during the week - house/barn work, laundry, bills, etc. This "assignment is a good excuse to make a bit of bit for my art: the major reason for participation. However, the unexpected fringe benefit is I've discovered is it is helping "tame" down my very vocal and rather rude inner critic. Most of what I quickly make ends up tossed because I don't like it. This forum, and actually this blog in general, is curbing that character trait of mine. I can't work the few hours I have and then toss it away. I need something to display. So I'm sharing art that typically would have been relegated to my rubbish bin - for better or for worse :-).


Rrramone said...

Good for you for quieting your critic. :-) Nice portrait!

Going For Greatness said...

Ahhh.. the inner critic.... I know her well and, honestly, find her to be a pesky, loud-mouth whom I tend to TRY to ignore. I agree with you, participating with co-ops like Studio Friday makes me think in ways I may not have otherwise and also makes me bring to the table, and think twice about things that would have wound up tossed in the recycle pile or the garbage.
I like your layered lady! I was at a craft show yesterday and she would have sold in a heart beat. It was amazing to just walk around and see all the things people use to creat with; from metal to wood, fabric to clay.. all amazing art!!
Have a relaxing Sunday!

kerrip said...

I love your "salad" and also the fact that unlike me, you didn't try to find some old thing you already made, but stepped up to the plate. I want to see her in person, because her earrings are the only item that really look dimensional on screen.

Ellen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Although your clay idea didn't work as you wanted it to, I'm impressed that you switched gears to create something new for this challenge.

I also participate in these challenges because they stretch me in different directions, and push me to do something. And they have helped me to connect with others I would never know otherwise. I still haven't done this SF challenge, but I think I have become inspired to do something right now!

Abbie said...

I think she is marvelous! Such panache about her! and bravo on the blog! Definitely keep posting.
:) Abbie

Anke said...

Look what your inner artist created! I love when something just occurs/gets created from playing around with different materials. And you didn't expect that at all. Looking forward to see more of your by-playing-around artwork! ;)

Anonymous said...

She really does remind me of Alfre Woodard. Very nice! QK