Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sneakers for Okidokie

Oki is up to walking 25 minutes twice a day. Leanne is power walking him back to soundness! The problem we have is that we pulled his shoes to let nail holes grow out and his right front foot is breaking up. The same foot that just brought us to the shoulder issue so that we could fix it before it was irreversible. The solution - high tech horse boots to protect the hoof. The boots are fitted with a wire closure. You open the shoe, slip it over his foot, and then turn a little nob that pulls the wire and closes up the shoe. Pretty niffy. The good news is that he's not lame any more. We didn't know if the lameness was from the surgery. This proves that it was the foot. Hurrah!!

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Going For Greatness said...

OO OKI!! Your new sneakers are just perfect!! It's amazing the technology for things today. Especially medical and prosthetics!! The 'sneakers' are awesome. Do they work by supporting his hoof correctly so that his posture is true?
VERY COOL! And Schnazzy!! ;)
XO Oki! We love you!
~ Gabi and Mackie too!1