Friday, July 21, 2006

A Peek Inside the Process - "Studio Sidekicks"

I always love seeing people's rough sketches and how they ended up as finished art. I thought I haven't posted much this week and thought I'd make up by providing a peek into my crazy creative process. If you can call it a process.

I was very excited that Tine picked my, well actually YOUR topic, and at the same time a bit dismayed in that I already featured my sidekick. I didn't want to put up additional pictures of Penny - although I'd love to. She's VERY photogenic! I thought about what I would have done BP (before Penny). I had no sidekick at all. Well, I had an imaginary one, but I really didn't want to go there. That is one of the best things about a dog. I can talk to myself all I want and no one will think me too strange because they think I'm talking to the dog. And yes I am. "Penny, do you like the red better or the coral?"

In a very boring meeting...wait a bosses may read this... In a completely fascinating meeting - yeah - that's what I MEANT to say... I quickly jotted down the following ideas in a little book I always have with me:

On Wednesday, I noodled about with the ideas during a phone call to my Mom. This is the "mess" I made:

You can see that I later used this sketch to try out color combos for the final piece. I actually had this second, not the first sketch in the "studio" with me when I created the "final" art. I used the little book notes when I composed the blog entry. Both sketches are in ballpoint pen.

Late on Thursday (and into Friday) I took the idea from the two sketches to a somewhat finished product. I had very little time. 5 am comes at a person very quickly! I decided to use Claudine Hellmuth's wonderful idea of whipping up a collage in 20 minutes. That is what I did for each image. They really aren't collages in that they are only quick pen sketches colored with watercolor pencils. I hit them with a little water to smooth out the colors, xacto-ed them out, and popped them on scrapbook paper. I went in to touch up the songbirds and sort of screwed them up. I have a tendency to not leave well enough alone! I'm learning!!

The interesting thing is that my original vision of the "loud-mouth" bird was a squat chunky guy. When I was drawing him for the final, he became sort of a ham, hawking (forgive the pun, its late) his poetry, playing to a crowd. Don't know why the transformation - the pen had its own ideas!!

I'd like to take this idea and do a better job with it some time in the future. I'm making some time for art that I wouldn't have otherwise and that IS the point now, isn't it. I now have some nice "seeds" to start from when I get better!

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kerrip said...

I would never tire of seeing pictures of Penny, but I love your birds!!! And I could just hear the one that Len would pick out, saying "SOMEBODY broke the faucet." (or some other mysterious thing). I wanted to post a picture of you, as my other studio sidekick, but I didn't have one - hey, I could put a link to your sketch!!!