Thursday, July 20, 2006

Oki Lends a Helping...Mouth?

What's our boy up to now? He's SO bored that he is helping us with the chores. He even doubles as a lounge chair!

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Going For Greatness said...

Well Oki... if you're bored would you be so inclined to come over and entertain 2 toddlers who think you hung the moon and stars?! HA! They would give you a run for your money, yessirree!! Mackie is insistant that you can talk, play and that you would enjoy playing 'ponies' with her. (My Little Pony is a toy line of all sorts of colorful ponies with accessories like brushes, hair clips, hoof-covers, crowns, scooters, a hot air balloon and even a castle!)
She thinks you'd love your hair brushed like she does for her little ponies. I have tried to tell her that you're a pretty big boy and set in your manhood and that cute barrettes and pink hoof-covers wouldn't be your bag.... she begs to differ. HA!
We hope you're on the mend over there and feeling better every day!!
oh and behave! That's an order! LOL
Mackie, Ellie and Gabi toooooo!