Saturday, July 22, 2006

Men and Their Kitchen Gadgets

Ok, can somebody explain to me the thing with men and their kitchen gadgets? My beloved has been filling my kitchen with tons of little gadgets for years. I thought I had him broken of the habit by showing him drawers of stuff we never use. Then I did a very bad thing. Yep, in hindsight I indeed did it to myself. I was complaining about my lettuce spinner. Many years ago I had a great spinner. One that I bought from a TV commercial (this pre-dated info commercials), it may have even come with a set of Ginsu knives. It worked great. I used it so much the handle broke, they mailed us a new one, it broke years later, Len super-glued it. I finally had to put it to rest. I may have even played taps over it - I don't remember. We bought a couple others and they never worked as well.

Then, I did it. The fatal mistake. I mumbled I really could use a lettuce spinner that actually WORKED. Len jumped on it and said that he'd find me one on eBay. Len LOVES eBay. So what could be better than buying kitchen gadgets on eBay? I figured he was happy and it seemed harmless. Ha! I learned my mistake when the lettuce spinner arrived. The man actually found an ELECTRIC lettuce spinner. I didn't know they even made such a contraption! And of course HE found it. The thing also slices, dices, and shreds - its HUGE. I think I could use it to spin dry my clothes. Geez. I have no idea where I'm going to store it. And I'll probably find the Ginsu knives stashed in a drawer somewhere. When will I ever learn?

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Anonymous said...

This story of Len and the electric slicing/dicing/shredding/lettuce spinner is totally hilarious! Maybe I enjoyed it so much because it sounded so much like Len! -QK