Saturday, July 29, 2006

Inspire Me Thursday - Music

Non-Visual Art Form: Music
Music is a huge inspiration for me. I have many journal pages that have been inspired by song lyrics. In fact, my submittal for this week's Illustration Friday topic of "clean" ended up being inspired by a song. Thinking of the topic "clean," I found myself singing "I gotta wash that man right outta my hair" and just did a collage of that. I keep a list of lyrics I want to illustrate in a notebook I always have with me. So for this week's Inspire Me Thursday it was easy for me to my notebook, look through my ideas, and pick one. I then threw the music on the CD player and worked away. I love the words to the Black Crowe's "Thorn in my Pride." The chorus of "lover cover me with a good dream" is just so visual. I gave it a try but I still don't feel I quite have it. I have a couple execution issues that I need to fix but I don't have time to redo this, so here's the first "draft!"

I couldn't resist sharing a few of my journal pages inspired by lyrics.
For this first two-page spread, I actually didn't use music directly as inspiration, but I used music as an "introduction" to a dream page that I created. Metallica's "Exit light, enter night, take my hand, off to never-never land" really worked well as a lead into my dream page and provided the lead in graphics using the hand.

The next two pages were inspired by lyrics from the music of one of my favorite bands: Morphine. They have some truly interesting lyrics and I attempted to capture the essence of these lyrics. Both of these pages are a bit "battered" in that they have been looked at a lot and I had to make repairs on the first one. I find I have problems incorporating the written lyrics into my work. I will often write them in and I just think it looks dorky. I need to come up with a better method. In the second page below, I tried something different and I made the background with the words. I need to find out how to appropriately use lyrics in work (these are private journals so I don't think I'll have music company lawyers knocking on my door) to gain the permission, etc. I know the rules for photos, but not song lyrics.

"Leave your world, come to me. I'm closer to you, than I seem. I know a ship that's leaving soon, in fact this very afternoon. So don't forget your parachute. I'll be catch you." Morphine: Like a Mirror from The Night.

"Somewhere there is no distractive breeze of information, leaking through the windows, dripping from the trees. Somewhere there's no earthquakes or other people's anxious questions, no nervous wrecks...going down." Morphine: Let's Take a Trip Together from Cure for Pain.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! excellent site


Jess said...

I love how in the last image the tree is coming off the page.

the heartful blogger said...

These are stunning, so expressive. The last one is my favourite.

Going For Greatness said...

Ok wow!! WOW WOW WOW!!! 1st let me say that I feel very special to be allowed to have a peek into someone's JOURNAL. This is a personal thing and I am really blown away by the artwork that you create! ( Wanna move into my stdio and give me some INSPIRATION?!?!)
The images you have created to go with the lyrics are so awesome!
Music really is an inspiration to me. It helps me focus. (and heck! they say that multi-tasking while concentrating is a bad thing?! NOT!) I love Black Crowes too. Great lyrics there! I have never created around a song lyric but I think I'm inspired to take a stab at it! Thanks for sharing such beauty today!

melanienyc said...

i especially love the first entry. i too am inspired by music, and lyrics. i love the lyrics you used in the entries...your illustration fit them beautifully.

melba said...

I love your journal pages. Very creative.

~Gina said...

Your work is absolutely stunning!