Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Who Said You Can Never Get a Head?

Or even two? Here are two incredibly lovely hats made by my dear friend Darna. She's an incredibly talented and wonderful lady who makes fantastic hats for special events, for period re-enactments, or just for the fun of dressing up and putting on a hat. Len, my husband, is part of a Vintager's club that dresses in Edwardian (translate "Titanic" era) period clothing. I come along for the ride finding appropriate "faux" Edwardian clothing on eBay and in thrift stores found and/or guided by my fashion savvy friend, Kathryn. Yes, the very same Kathryn I have previously mentioned. She's a multi-talented lady! She's since a warm and giving person. I met her a few years ago and immediately felt like I had been friends with her for years! She lives in California and even though we are on separate coasts we are closer than many people who live in the same town! Amazing how that happens doesn't it?


kerrip said...

I laughed out loud when I read that headline. It had so many meanings to me - funny and perverse. Well, you knew that. And I love, love, love those hats!!! I had no idea that Kathryn was in California. Her e-mail sounded like she was right next door. - And funny - Scott just decided he wants to do e-bay again and he said one of the hot areas he wants to pursue is vintage clothing. If he starts selling items to Len, unawares, that will be very weird.

DEW said...

That is very funny you say that about eBay. We really liked a book (Fireside Limericks) at a friends house and he told us how he wanted to buy 3 copies, one for each of his children. Len bought us a copy and then he was bidding on another on eBay for our friend who needed one more copy. Len won the auction and then Len got an email through eBay - from the very same friend we were buying the book for. He wrote "You never know who you're bidding against". We all had a laugh over that one!