Friday, June 23, 2006

Studio Friday - Family

Today Studio Friday's theme is "Family". Family history as things that have been passed down from one family member to the next really hasn't happened in our family. My parents are both first generation Americans and there was little to "pass down". I have one item that my Dad gave to me - an old high chair that my sisters and I all sat in when we were small. He repainted it and gave it to me for my art room. He passed down more than just a chair that we remember from when we were little. He passed down to me his faith in my abilities. The best part of my abilities come from both of my parents. They both are/were perfectionists wanting to do the best they could. My Mom is a wonderfully sketcher - but she won't admit to it. She said she wished she had become a writer. My Dad could remake, fix, or create just about anything. I wish more of his talent rubbed off on me - especially the fixing part! In their encouraging ways they fostered a sense of adventure in me and a desire to try without regard to failure. This is one of my "secret" weapons and lies at the base of my successes in life. So the most precious things in my studio passed down to me are these "un-see-able" gifts that are key in my growth and my never ending sense of wonder with the world.


Ellen said...

I believe the most precious things that get passed down through families are values, talents, traits, and love. You certainly seem to have been the recipient of all of these in abundance!

Going For Greatness said...

You are soooo right. The 'Un-see-able" gifts are the ones most treasured! I was also gifted with a high chair that belonged to my dad when he was a baby. It's funny but things like that, not only are aesthetically pleasant to the eye but also hold more memories than words.
Love your blog! I have bookmarked and it'll be on my daily blog-stroll!!

Nancy said...

Yes, very true that so much of what has been pased on to us is intangible!
It isn't always about the material "things" we have, but the "things" inside us.
Nice post!

kerrip said...

Hey, I've sat in that chair on several of our incredibly productive 'artist dates.' How much more special now that I know that it was a childhood memory and that your dad repainted it for you.

minijubilee said...

your studio is beautiful, and especially the white chair. knowing the story behind it makes it even more precious!

lindaharre said...

Love your bright and light studio! Great to work in such illumination:-D Thanks for your comments on my blog.....Linda