Monday, June 12, 2006

Please Don't Eat the Daisies!

After a month composed of 28 days of rain, we sprung into a marvelous sunny day! I absolutely love wild daises and the edge of both of our corn fields are lined with them. Penny loves them as well. I snapped a picture of the daises before the corn fields are sprayed. A neighbor plants 30 acres of our farm with corn and alfalfa. It is a win-win situation where they get free use of the land and we get to enjoy watching the fields grow without having to do any work! They have been planting a new variety of corn that is "round-up" resistant. The corn is planted, and then after a few weeks, the fields are sprayed with "round-up" which kills off all the weeds, but the corn thrives. Pretty slick. Unfortunately, wild daisies qualify as weeds and there won't any more "pushing up daisies" in that spot for the rest of the summer!

The bright side of this story is that we normally don't have daisies blooming in that spot. A spot very visible from the front of our house. All the rain delayed spraying the field. Penny and I are enjoying the daisies while they are here. We pick bunches of them and put them in bottles and jars. The cheerful little heads bring their grace into our house and my work office. Daises also serve as a great spot for a puppy to get a little cat nap!


kerrip said...

omigod!! Adorable! I want to drive out right now just to let Max sit among the daisies while I get some pics. Great angles. - Okay now the $100 question - how did you change the date on your posts -even though you posted them both today?? - yes I am giving you in!!!!

DEW said...

Yes - except for the shadow of my great big fat head! I need photography lessons! You and Max are welcomed any time. Scott however, oh just kidding! :-)

Going For Greatness said...

What a great photo! Those are SOME DAISIES! ours are tiny in comparasin! Love your doggie... what a love. Dogs and Horses... I can see you and I would get along JUST FINE!
have a great day!!
Where in NY are you? I'm in Princeton, NJ..........