Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Kitties in the Haystack

This spring we ran a bit "short" on hay because we got in more boarded horses than we originally expected. As a result, we are running very low on hay. Normally we'd already be loading the first cutting of hay into our old, very large hay barn. We can put about 2,000 bales of hay if we stack them high - the barn at its highest point is over two stories tall. The aforementioned deluge of rain for over a month has delayed hay cutting and baling. The fields need to be dry or the hay bales can mold - very bad for the horses! Our Hay Guys (yep, that's their real business name, I didn't make it up!) did deliver a pickup truck load of hay to tide us over until the new crop comes in. They stacked it in the front of the barn because its old hay and we'll use it up first. We had a bit of our original better hay in the back corner of our barn, which we are giving to our FEI dressage horse Okidokie. No, I didn't make up his name either - he came from Holland with it. He's a Dutch Warmblood. Sorry, I digress. The amusing thing is that the hay pile is the favorite napping place for our two barn cats: Dickens and Gadget. As you can see, their sleeping place is rapidly disappearing! They are the black blob under the little arrow. They are quite handsome fellows as these pictures display!

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