Sunday, June 25, 2006

iTalk, uTalk, we-all-Talk with iTalk

I have a 2.5 hour round-trip commute to work. Everyone asks me "how can you do it?" Where we live is well worth the trip and the bank wouldn't let us buy a farm closer to work because the land prices were much too high. I like to always look at the good side of every situation. Mine is that I have a tremendously hectic life and I have 2.5 hours of it entirely to myself on work days!! I have many ways that I put that time to good use and I'll fill you in on those as I go on with this blog. I'll have a little subplot going on regarding "Commuting with Debbie". Let me clarify one important point. I have a easy ride. Only a little bit of traffic until I get out of town and then its smooth sailing with no traffic lights for 30 miles. I rather drive my 55 minute commute that I do now rather than a 35 minute one I did in Chicago in bumper to bumper mostly stopped traffic. If I had that kind of drive my time would be filled with swearing at rude drivers and trying not to give hand gestures that would result in me being yet another "Road Rage" statistic.

I have recently found a great way to even further enrich my commute time. I got a iTalk for my iPod. It turns the iPod into a voice recorder and it is very slick and well worth the $19.95 I paid for it. Some of the less favorable reviews have merit - it does pick up noise when the iPod's disk drive cycles, but since it also picks up my turn signal, road noise (my car ain't the quietest) and all my stuff flying off the seat when I brake hard so Bambi doesn't become a hood ornament or a driving companion, I don't have a big issue with that fact.

I use the little sucker to record all those great thoughts that I thought I'd remember when I reached home. Ha!! I have a mind like a steel sieve and the moment I walk into the hectic environment I call my home all creative thoughts fly from my head. And yes, I had to cut my iPod protector to provide a consistent connection with the iTalk unit but that was no big deal - yet another use for Xacto knives. The iTalk even remembers to save my ramblings when I hit the button on the recorder because it does an automatic save. If I forget and don't save before I turn the iPod off, I lose the recording. It is hard for me to drive and scroll down on the iPod to select "save" and I need to keep a careful eye on the road for Bambi and company.

Sadly, the iTalk has a far better memory than I do. So high fidelity it isn't, but it works fantastic for my own personal notes. When I sync the iPod to my computer to download all my favorite podcasts, iTunes automatically brings my voice recordings over. I dictate a lot of my blogs this way. As I play back my recording in iTunes, I'm madly typing into my blog. I really love my iTalk and it deepens my ever growing love affair with my iPod (yes, my husband DOES knows about "iUs").

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