Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm NOT a dog - I am the Poodle!

One of the items on my long list of developing artistically is to translate my pencil sketch cartoons into a finished work of art. I still haven't developed the necessary skills to turn my cartoons into color illustrations but I'm slowly working away at it - slow but sure. Happily this year I was able to translate one of my quick sketches into a mixed media work of fabric, fibers, and acrylic paint. I still have a ways to go, but I got a big thrill out of seeing it in color! I thank Claudine Helmuth's wonderful books and videos that helped me develop skills and new ways of looking at creating art. So I will continue to play and learn on the way! I also have to work on photographing my work. This is the best I had: a scan that really flattens everything out: The sparkle of the crystals and the color brightness are totally lost. Back to the "drawing" board!

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firstborn studio said...

the sketch is wonderful,really great!!!