Sunday, June 11, 2006

And Off it Goes!

I've bitten the bullet and am submitting my work for the Washington County Fine Arts Tour. It is a tour whose "primary purpose is to attract serious art collectors to Washington County and to create an appropriate event where they can meet some of the finest professional artists in the region and purchase their work." And here I am submitting my work anyway! With the backing of my dear friends and beloved husband, the package goes out tomorrow for the June 15th deadline. The tour will be July 2007.

Here are photos of two of the five digital images of some of my recent work that I have to include with the application form. I can't thank Kerri and Kathryn enough for their help and encouragement! My heartfelt thanks to Kathryn's golden tongue and her way with words. Without her skill my 25 word artist statement would be something like "I like to make pretty art stuff." Kerri contributed her phenomenal graphics arts skills and photography. She did a great job doing 2-D justice to 3-D art objects! The resumes of the three jurors were quite impressive (and intimidating!). My resume was a real hoot - no formal training, not much of a dossier! My view is if I don't try, I won't even have a chance to succeed - so here it goes!! Wish me luck!!

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kerrip said...

As they say in showbiz, break their legs!! I'm so glad you're doing this. - I'm going to try to figure out where your headlines went too.